Camp Out 2019 was “Out of This World!”
By Chris Hickey, CHA Board President

It is amazing what people who are united in purpose can accomplish. We tied our theme of our annual fund-raising event, the Camp Horsin’ Around Camp Out, to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. Apollo 11 left a plaque on the moon that stated, “Here men from the planet earth first set foot upon the moon, July 1969 A.D. We came in peace for all mankind.” This past summer there were many fascinating documentaries and a movie about that chronicled this historic mission. The science and engineering feats were incredible, but what was even more impressive was the drive toward the common vision and the passion of the human spirit. Neil Armstrong was an aeronautical engineer, a military fighter pilot, test pilot, and astronaut, but he was also a father who had lost a daughter to a brain tumor. The Camp Out was an event that brought people from all walks of life who generously supported the Camp Horsin’ Around vision, “to provide the premier adventure camp experience for children whose health is compromised or who have special needs.”

“We came to help children whose health is compromised to have fun!” Christopher Hickey, CHA Board President

We thank all our supporters who attended the Camp Out and generously supported Camp Horsin’ Around. We like to especially thank our 2019 Camp Out Honorees, Genie and Tom Whayne. They, for most of the camp’s existence, have generously given their time, energy, and financial resources to support the vision. People don’t come much better than them. Camper parents Lisa and Wade Slama gave a heartfelt testimonial that connected what all this effort is for, to help kids whose health is compromised be happy campers and have fun. Without our donors, sponsors, volunteers, and friends there is no Camp Horsin’ Around. Last summer this support enabled over 1,200 campers have an adventure camp experience. Every week of the summer of 2020 is already booked with campers.

The Camp Out takes months of preparation and planning by our board members and the Camp Horsin’ Around Staff. Our board members gathered over a 140 items for the silent auction. Board member Claire Crouch demonstrated her immense talent by enthusiastically performing the duties as the master of ceremonies of the event. Supporting our board’s efforts is our professional staff of Julie McAllister, out Executive Director, and Susan Cloud, our administrative assistance. Our board steers the ship, but our professional staff is the engine that makes things run. Joining our staff is our new Camp Director, Joshua Manly. Kindly mentoring the board and selflessly giving her energy and wisdom is one of our founding members, Phyllis Cronin. Final thanks go to Marilyn Swinford, the 2019 Camp Out Chairman, whose leadership and organizational skills are second to none.

Thanks again to the Camp Horsin’ Around family consisting of our donors, sponsors, volunteers, friends, board members, and professional staff for supporting a wonderful event. Be looking out for our next event, the Amazing 8, in May of 2020, and our next Camp Out in the Fall. Lets all keep helping children become happy campers.

by Chris Hickey, CHA Board President