The Woodlake Way Neighborhood Association Garden Tour benefitting Camp Horsin’ Around was held June 11th & 12th.  Organized by Camp Horsin’ Around Founder, Phyllis Cronin, and 2022 Amazing 8 Honoree, Louis Hillenmeyer, the tour featured 11 beautiful and unique gardens conveniently located all on one street.  Our 275-plus attendees enjoyed being able to interact with the homeowners, gaining ideas for their own gardens & outdoor living spaces, and the ability to take photos of some of Lexington’s most gorgeous outdoor living spaces.  We are very grateful to the following residents of Woodlake Way & the Woodlake Way Neighborhood Association for their hospitality and support of Camp Horsin’ Around:

  • Louis and Betsy Hillenmeyer
  • Mary Davis Dicken
  • John and Phyllis Cronin
  • Mickey and Kathy Howard
  • Carol Hodges
  • David and Judy Marwil
  • Grahamn and Whitney Morgan
  • Matt and Ginny Burton
  • Cary and Nancy Blaydes
  • David and Carol Ann Tramontin
  • Art and Simone Salomon
The granddaughters of Woodlake Way residents served as the lemonade gals, and they generously donated their proceeds of $88.00 to Camp Horsin’ Around! Thank you, girls!