It was so good to be BACK! Hundreds of campers and their families brought the camp to life the past several weeks. The COVID disruptions were hard on everyone, but our generous donors, volunteers, staff and campers stayed the course to make the full return of camp activities more amazing than ever!

“As soon as campers drove up the road and arrived at camp, you could feel so much joy,” says Marilyn Swinford, Board Chair of Camp Horsin’ Around. “Then, you could see the joy of the staff doing what they love in serving the campers. It was wonderful seeing kids being kids.”

The camp’s donors’ support allowed for enhancements and new experiences this summer that enriched the camper experience.

“There was really something for everyone,” Swinford says. “Although our campers are going through their individual battles, to see them relax, have fun and be themselves in this safe environment was amazing. You could really see the joy in their eyes.”

This summer was also fulfilling to the camp’s on-site leadership.“A big shout out to the camp’s staff and volunteers,” Swinford said. “They stepped up coming out of the challenge of the pandemic. As one staff member said, ‘this has been the best time of my life.’ Our campers can really feel our team’s excitement. Camp Horsin’ Around team members Susan Cloud and Josh Manly were miracle workers. Their organization of the camp was awesome, and they overcame many hurdles. Many thanks to all for helping us fulfill our mission to making so many happy campers.”

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